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National Drug File - Reference Terminology (NDF-RT)

Department: Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Agency: National Institute of Health (NIH) ( )
Sub Agency: U.S. National Library of Medicine ( )
The VHA NDF-RT API ( ) is a web service for accessing the current National Drug File - Reference Terminology (NDF-RT) data set via SOAP/WSDL.

The Veterans Health Administration National Drug File – Reference Terminology (NDF-RT™)1,2 is part of the VHA Enterprise Reference Terminology (ERT). It is the reference terminology for medications, an enhancement of the VHA National Drug File (NDF) in a formal description logic ontological representation. Since its beginnings under the auspices of the Government Computer-Based Patient Record (GCPR) project in 2001, NDF-RT™ has evolved into a nationally important drug terminology resource. Its unique description logic-based reference model, accessible intellectual property status and championing by informatics experts both within and outside VHA have resulted in NDF-RT's adoption by a number of government and academic projects, including adoption of the mechanisms of action (MoA), physiologic effects (PE) and chemical ingredient by structure (CI) hierarchy subsets as a Consolidated Health Informatics (CHI) standard used to describe medication pharmacologic class. NDF-RT™ is part of the Federal Medication Terminologies (FMT) initiative and has been cited or studied within numerous academic and industry publications.
Help/Documentation: , ,
WSDL/Data Location: . A RESTful API is also available. See
findConceptsByIDGet the NDF-RT concept for a specified identifier
findConceptsByNameGet the concepts for a specified name and kind
findDrugInteractions--- Deprecated ---

Get the drug concepts that interact with a given drug
getAllInfoGet concept information
getAssociationListGet the association names
getChildConceptsGet the child concepts for a specified concept
getConceptPropertiesGet the concept property value for a specified concept and property name
getConceptsByPropertyGet the concepts that contain a specified property name and value
getEPCClassOfConceptGet the EPCC class of concept (NOTE: not yet available)
getIdTypeListGet the identifier type names
getKindListGet the kind names in the NDF-RT data set
getNDFRTversionGet the version of the NDF-RT data set
getParentConceptsGet the parent concepts of a specified concept
getPropertyListGet the property names in the NDF-RT data set
getRelatedConceptsByAssociationGet the associations for a specified concept
getRelatedConceptsByReverseRoleGet the concepts related to the specified object concept by role
getRelatedConceptsByRoleGet the concepts related to the specified concept by role
getRoleListGet the role names in the NDF-RT data set
getVAClassOfConceptGet the VA class for a specified concept
interactions--- Deprecated ---

Check if there is an interaction between two drugs.

Example: NDFRT

gov.nih.nlm.mor.NdfrtAPIService svc = new;
Console.WriteLine("NDF-RT Version: " + svc.getNDFRTversion());

// find concepts by name
object[] cbn = svc.findConceptsByName("morphine", "DRUG_KIND");
Console.WriteLine("NDF-RT drug identifier (i.e. NUI): " + (([0]).NUI);

// check for drug interactions fit = svc.interactions("N0000007070", "N0000179514");
Console.WriteLine("Drug Interactions Comment: " + fit.COMMENT);

// get all info for the specified NDF-RT identifier fc = svc.getAllInfo("N0000007070");
Console.WriteLine("Drug Name: " + fc.NAME);

// find all of the interactions for the specified NDF-RT identifier
object[] di = svc.findDrugInteractions("N0000007070");

svc = null;

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