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HGDW Web Service

Department: Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Agency: Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) ( )
Sub Agency: HRSA Geospatial Data Warehouse (HGDW) ( )
The HGDW Data Service ( ) provides the ability to query the HGDW data warehouse for health centers in and around a specific geographic area and to query for HIV/AIDS care providers around a latitude and longitude..

Federally-funded health centers provide care even if the person receiving the care has no health insurance. Clients pay what they can afford, based on their income. HRSA makes grants to organizations to improve and expand health care services for underserved people.

Registration is free and required.
WSDL/Data Location:
FindHealthCentersAroundALocationFind health centers around a location
FindHIVAIDSCareProvidersAroundALocationFind HIV/AIDS providers around a location

Example: HGDW

            var svc = new gov.hrsa.datawarehouse.HGDWDataService();

            // select the health centers within 25 miles of
            // coordinates -122.437471433112/37.8029842091763

            XmlNode result = svc.FindHealthCentersAroundALocation(-122.437471433112, 37.8029842091763, 25);
            XmlNodeList xmlSites = result.SelectNodes("//SITE_NM");

            // display the names of the selected health centers
            foreach (XmlNode node in xmlSites)
                Console.WriteLine (node.InnerText);

            svc = null;
            Console.WriteLine ("Press any key to exit ...");

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